Pictures & Testimonials

From Trisha in Clifton, VA
"I am absolutely loving my Allura feeder and so are the neighborhood hummingbirds!  Each year, I have several feeders up in my yard -- to encourage visitors & discourage the bullying.  The hummingbirds prefer my new Allura feeder to all the others which they ignore to wait (or bully) for a turn at the Allura feeder.  I am refilling my feeder 3x everyday this week it's so popular!  I've never had as many hummingbird visitors as this year.
An added bonus:  the design is attractive and super-easy to clean/refill.
Thanks for designing such a great hummingbird feeder!!  I love it and recommend it to all my friends who share my love of hummingbirds."

Some pictures of our feeder in action...

A couple pictures sent in from a happy user...