About us

Thank you so much for visiting our site. Our Allura feeders have been a family passion and journey, inspired by two women who were very special to us.  Their love and passion for life encouraged us to design and create the products you see on this site.  We hope they can brighten your day. 

Allura started with an ‘ah-ha’ moment on how we could create a whole new way to feed and care for our little friends. The fundamental idea was to use something we refer to as ‘feed pods’ that sit in the feeder. The feed pods are the only part of the feeder that touch the hummingbird food and, hence, the only thing that needs to be cleaned (or replaced). This makes it so much easier to care for the feeders. We also wanted to create something that is equally beautiful and functional, with rich colors and shapes that mimic nature. We hope you like it... and maybe your ‘hummers’ will be a little happier as well!

As a family, we have worked hard to develop Allura and we plan to continue to dream and create new feeders. We are always looking for feedback, both good and not so good. If the mood strikes you, please send us a note to tell us what you think on the ‘Contact Us’ page.  Also, visit us on social media. We're excited to hear your stories.